2019 In Review – Statistical Surprise!

Old TelephoneAs you know, we are well into the New Year (can we still call it “New”?) 2020. That means we have been busy reviewing our past year, 2019, and checking the statistics. One of the most remarkable things we have discovered is the number of telephone calls we received. Choosing a random 4-month period, July through October, we find that we answered 295 calls! That averages to 73 calls each week.

That’s a lot of calls!

Naturally, we can’t manage everything without a crew of dedicated volunteers. SCRUFF is, after all, a volunteer-driven organization.  If you would like to help make a difference with the feral cat population, please consider volunteering with SCRUFF.  We can use you help.  In fact, we can use you help in answering the telephones, among other things.

For more information about volunteering with SCRUFF, please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions!