Baby, It Is Coooold Outside!


As the old song says, “Baby, it’s cold outside!” January is a mighty cold time of the year. To help community cats stay warm this winter… As temperatures dip below freezing and even colder, community cats face additional challenges to find adequate shelter. If you are providing food and water…

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Holidays Can Be Hard On Little Cat Tummies

Tuxedo Cat

Let’s face it, all the holiday goodies and treats can be tough on human tummies and waistlines. What sometimes we forget is that the kitties out there might have tummy trouble, too! We have to face facts, our cats have been known to “get into things“. We definitely do not…

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What Is An Urban Cat Feeding Station?

Cat on a wall

Somebody recently asked us, “What are urban cat feeding stations? I keep hearing about them.” Well, that is a very good question and we know that many people have an interest in learning about feeding stations. Rather have explain the details here, we are going to suggest that you visit…

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Welcome to Fall: Prepare for Winter

Outdoor cat shelter

The lovely call colors are great for viewing and “leaf peeping”, but they are a reminder that the cold weather of winter will be upon us soon. We know that many of our regular SCRUFF readers are concerned about the feral cats in our community.  We thought that you might…

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2019 In Review – Statistical Surprise!

Old Telephone

As you know, we are well into the New Year (can we still call it “New”?) 2020. That means we have been busy reviewing our past year, 2019, and checking the statistics. One of the most remarkable things we have discovered is the number of telephone calls we received. Choosing…

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Did You Know: Very Young Cats Can Have Kittens!

Gray Cat

Did you know? Kittens as young as 4 months old can get pregnant. Be part of the solution. Trap-Neuter-vaccinate-Return. The only humane way to improve the lives of community cats. Call Scruff at 518-526-3372 for more information, or check our Contact Page here.

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What is TNvR?

Little Cat

The initials “TNvR” seem like some obscure secret organization until it is discovered that they actually stand for “Trap, Neuter, vaccinate, Return”.  As it turns out, TNVR is a humane strategy for reducing the number of feral and stray “community cats” and improving the quality of life for cats, wildlife,…

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