Matching Donation

Enclosed is the donation that I mentioned in the text from friends of my parents. They love cats and were interested in SCRUFF from the brochure that I gave to them. I decided to match their donation. Thank you for all that you do for Capital Region Cats. I hope that you are doing well during this challenging time. Take Care! (Hannah)

A Message from Anna

My neighbor … had put us in touch as I was figuring out how to deal with neutering our 2 semi-feral kittens. You were so helpful and put my might right. It went swimmingly – even the entrapment – and today out neutered males are perky and comfortable. Thank you, (Anna)

Great Organization

Thank you for all your advice and assistance. Great Organization! (Becky)

Thank You for All You Do

Thank you for all you do for the kitties in our communities!!  Keep the spay/neuter going! (Kate L)

A Donation with Thanks

Thank you for providing this very worthwhile service to our local communities. Please accept this donation to help with that work. (Theresa)

Thanks from Mary

“Please find enclosed a donation for your wonderful organization.” (Mary, Saratoga Springs)

Thank you for All You Do to Help the Animals

“Scruff is a great organization.  Thank you for all you do to help the animals.  I love all animals but especially cats.  I have six, five rescues.  I never had a baby cat because I always take the adults, because I know they will be will harder to be placed.  Last Christmas I got a cute little baby as my Christmas present.” (Steve, Albany)

Scruff Volunteers, Thanks!

“Scruff volunteers, thanks.  A few months ago, you helped me help my son’s family trap an untouchable stray boy.  We got him fixed and vaccinated at APF.  They continued to put food out for him.  He now lives on their porch and loves petting by grandchildren.  Good as it gets, carry on.” (Jim, Ballston Lake)

Thanks You for Assisting

Thank you so much for assisting my husband and I with the TNvR program. We have 2 “graduates”, new adult cats, and they are content indoor/outdoor, well behaved cats. (Ann)

Thank You for Helping Feral Mother Cat

Thank you for spaying our feral mother this weekend. She is doing well and is back roaming the yards adjoining our house. If you even need help fund raising feel free to email me. (SW)