Kittens playing on firewood

Kittens at play

The following messages were received from community supporters after working with SCRUFF:

  • Wished this could spread nationwide to give them the dignity animals deserve. (Anonymous) 
  • We recently created a calendar featuring our patients and sold it in our clinic. We are now donating the proceeds from calendar sales. The purchaser of each calendar was able to direct the distribution of donations for their purchases. We are now sending donations to 23 different charitable organizations. Enclosed please find a check for your portion of the calendar sale proceeds. Thank you for the work that you do. (Kristin)
  • Thank you for all you do for these cats, and kittens. (Dale)
  • In recognition of what you do/did for us (15! cats) last year and anticipation of current needs, here is a donation.  (Lorraine)
  • You are a life saver for the feral cats. Thank you! (Patricia)
  • Thank you for all your advice and assistance. Great Organization! (Becky)
  • Please use this donation for wherever it is most needed at this time.  Thanks for all you do, you are amazing!!!
    (Sharon C)
  • Thank you for all your help over the past 5 or 6 years.  We now have a very happy and manageable group of approximately 16 cats out back.  All of the females and all but 4 males are graduates of your program.
    (Kathy P, Sharon Springs)
  • Thank you for your help with the services you are providing.
    (Kelly H)
  • Thank you for helping to reduce the surplus population. This check is to sponsor the cat brought in by Meghan R.
    (Therese, Gloversville)
  • Thank you for all you do for the kitties in our communities!!  Keep the spay/neuter going!
    (Kate L)
  • This check is for the spay/neuter to cover the cost of one cat brought in by Meghan R.  It is such an important project.
  • Scruff:  Thank you for all that you do on behalf of animals.  Happy Holidays!
    (Meow, Rita R)
  • Kathy, thank you for your help and support when we needed two feral kittens taken care of last year.  Both are still around and doing fine.  We appreciate your generosity and we are thankful for the work you do.
    (Sincerely, the Gutierrez family)
  • We have been working with the Clifton Park Animal Control Officers to TNR the feral colony in our development.  So far, SCRUFF has taken care of 6 of our feline friends through the APF facility.  So here is a $300 donation to help offset the cost.  As we (hopefully) continue to have success with the colony, we will continue our monetary support.  Thank you for being there for us caretakers and kitties.
    (Lorraine G, Ballston Lake)
  • “To SCRUFF: Thank you for your help with the cats that we acquired. Enclosed is a check for $150 for your cause.”
    (John B , Sharon Springs)
  • “Thank you for all that you do.”
    (Allison L)
  • “Thank you to Linda Janczak for all she did in catching the feral cats at the farm.”
    (John, Sharon Springs)
  • “Please find enclosed a donation for your wonderful organization.”
    (Mary, Saratoga Springs)
  • “Thank you ALL again for an awesome 7th Annual Pet Connection Adoption Day…We had a great turnout again this year. Thanks for all you do every single day. Our region is such a better place to live because you are a part of our Pet Community!”
    (Steve, Albany)
  • “Thank you so much for coordinating a quick appointment for a female feral on my block.  She made it through the surgery like a champ and my neighbors and I can sigh in relief.  No more kittens from her. So many potential lives saved. -Thank you!”
    (Rochelle, Schenectady)
  • “I would like to express my sincere appreciation to your organization for all the help that you have given my father (me) throughout this situation.  Without your assistance I would not have been able to correct things as quickly.” 
    (Jackie, Middleburgh)
  • “Scruff volunteers, thanks.  A few months ago, you helped me help my son’s family trap an untouchable stray boy.  We got him fixed and vaccinated at APF.  They continued to put food out for him.  He now lives on their porch and loves petting by grandchildren.  Good as it gets, carry on.”
    (Jim, Ballston Lake)
  • “Scruff is a great organization.  Thank you for all you do to help the animals.  I love all animals but especially cats.  I have six, five rescues.  I never had a baby cat because I always take the adults, because I know they will be will harder to be placed.  Last Christmas I got a cute little baby as my Christmas present.”
    (Steve, Albany)
  • “Kathy, thank you very much for all your help with the feral cats.  I was able to bring both cats today for spay & neuter.  The staff at APF were pleasant, friendly, and helpful.  I am happy the cats are now taken care of.  The cats seem fine and happy to be free.  I feel better too.  Thank you for helping me.”
    (Pat, Troy)
  • “I am making the donation because of the dedication I saw this winter.  This is for the volunteer who took care of the cats at the Empire State Plaza in the shrubs near Eagle Street.  Thank you.”