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Keep the New Year Happy – Avoid Kitty Tummy Trouble

Let’s hope that the kitties out there do not have Holiday Tummy Trouble.  Let’s face it, our cats have been known to “get into things“. We definitely do not want that to happen. Here is a very short list of human goodies that cats must avoid: Fatty or spicy foods (might be a good idea for some people, too!) Chocolate (yummy for people, not so for cats) Bones (never, never, never) Everyone at SCRUFF wishes all the cats and people out there a very Happy New Year!

New Addition to our What Is TNVR Page

We recently added a link to a PDF from the Alley Cat Advocate Web site to our What Is TNVR page. If you do not want to go to our page, you can gain access to that PDF by clicking here. The PDF is titled Winter Shelters: Tips for keeping community cats safe and cozy during the winter months. It is loaded with great tips for keeping community cats warm and safe during the cold months of the year.