Spaying Capital Region Unowned Feral Felines (SCRUFF)


Please use the following resources which will guide you throughout the Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) process.

First, determine if you have a suitable humane trap. 

  • It should be at least 30” long, 9” wide, and 11” high. If you’re unsure, these are the traps we recommend: Tru CatchHavahart and Tractor Supply
  • If you do not have a trap, we can lease you one. A $100 deposit check is required per trap, though SCRUFF will not cash your check immediately. Instead, when you return the trap in clean condition, we will return your check at that time. If the trap is not returned within 60 days after the appointment, SCRUFF will then cash your check.

Next, read the Trapping Protocol to Achieve Optimum Success document (2 pages) to learn how and when to trap the cat. 

  • If you secured appointments for more than one cat, each cat must arrive in a separate, secure, covered trap. 
  • In addition, read the Post-Surgery Recovery Care document (2 pages) to fully understand the expectations of monitoring the cat after surgery. Be sure you will be available to support these expectations, as Recovery is the most critical period for cats undergoing surgery and cats must be monitored continuously

When your TNVR appointment has been scheduled, downloadread, and sign the Client Intake Form (2 pages) prior to arriving for your scheduled appointment. One signed form is required per cat. 

  • IMPORTANT: This form is valid for SUNDAY spay day appointments only, not for weekday appointments. 
  • If you are scheduled for a weekday appointment, you will complete a different form at the APF facility.

When your cat is ready to be discharged from the clinic and you are called to come pick up your cat, re-read the Post-Surgery Recovery Care document (2 pages). 

  • Please follow the instructions carefully, as Recovery is the most critical period for cats undergoing surgery and they must be monitored continuously.