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A TNvR Story

We recently received this story and we thought that it was something important to pass on: My husband, neighbors and I rescued 3 kittens born under a shed in Niskayuna.  We also had the mama cat and another black and white male cat, both feral. We fed mama a ton of food which she then fed to her kittens. She moved her kittens and we couldn’t find her for over a week. Finally, she brought them to my house where I had a heated shelter. We got the kittens to Kitten Angels … who got them into a foster. They’ve been adopted into good homes.  Mama and her black and white friend (named Christine and Socks) were trapped with the help of Kitten Angels and were brought to you. They were neutered, spayed and inoculated and returned to us. They are doing well. Thank you so much for helping save their lives. We continue to take care of them and keep them fed, warm and happy. Sincerely, Diane. Thanks, Diane, for telling this great story.